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    Vehicle Cleanliness
    Door Operation/ConditionGoodBad
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    Terms and Conditions of Hire
    The vehicle you are driving is either owned by JDE Driver Hire or on hire from outsourced hirer. It is fully insured with courier insurance to enable you to do your work. It is not, however, insured for private use.
    • The vehicle is on a 28-day rolling contract and you cannot de-hire your vehicle unless you have come to the end of the 28 days. If a van is returned before the off-hire date the remaining days will be charged at £40 per day (Based on a 5 day working week)
    • The vehicle is paid for by completing a minimum of 5 routes within a week (running Sunday-Saturday), if you fail to complete a minimum of 5 routes then a fee of £50 will be charged for each day below the minimum of 5.
    • To de-hire the vehicle you must inform your on site manager.
    • You must not have more than 6 points on your licence.
    • You must not have any offences related to drink / drug driving.
    • Any form of road user charge, penalty, parking ticket and/or fine will be payable by you while you are the driver of the vehicle or the vehicle is in your possession as stated in the terms & conditions
    • General maintenance of the vehicle is your responsibility (e.g. oil levels, water levels, tyre pressure).
    • Any issues with your vehicle must be reported immediately. General wear and tear of the vehicle (e.g. worn tyres), it is your responsibility to notify your on site manager and arrange any repairs that are required.
    • Any damage found on the vehicle once this check sheet has been filled out and signed will be chargeable to the driver at the time of hire.
    • If you have an accident in which you are found to be at fault there is an excess of up to £2500 payable to JDE Driver Hire Ltd.
    • The vehicle should be returned with fuel at the same level as it was collected otherwise it will be charged to you at £1.70 per litre, as the hirer, to replace any lost fuel.
    • Any dart charges, PCN’s or speeding tickets will be sent to the hirer.
    • All vehicles are collected and must be off hired at the JDE Driver Hire Unit in Paddock Wood, Kent, failing to do this may result to a £250 recovery fee and £1.70 per litre of fuel required to recover the vehicle.
    • If the vehicle needs to be recovered due to negligence then a callout fee will be charged between £75-£250 dependent on the services required, in addition to this mileage will be charged at £1 per mile.
    • No smoking inside the vehicle, Smoking inside the vehicle will result to a minimum £50 fine.

    Please sign below to confirm you have read and accept the above Terms and Conditions of Hire and the attached Terms and Conditions of Rental. I confirm I have checked the vehicle for damage and fully accept that any damage not documented on the check sheet will be billed to me, as the hirer.

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