Stop & Search Policy

    Please read the following carefully and sign and the end to confirm that you understand and agree

    This policy applies to all employees and anyone working at or visiting DPD sites.

    DPD reserves the right to search you and/or any of your property on its premises (this includes DPD's car parks) and you agree that DPD may search you/and or your property:
    • at any time, if DPD honestly and reasonably believes or suspects that you may be in possession of, have destroyed, tampered with, concealed or handled stolen goods or has evidence of any theft or attempted theft; or
    • if it reasonably believes or suspects that you may have drugs and or alcohol and/or other inappropriate items in the workplace; or
    • as part of its random searching policy; or
    • when you enter or leave DPD's premises.

    Issued uniform must be worn and displayed at all times onsite.

    Failure to comply with this may result in restricting your access to DPD's building.